According to the Department Of Transportation, the majority of highway fatalities take place on rural roads. The fatality rate in rural areas is 2.4 times higher than the fatality rate in urban areas.


Rural Hazards

Amish buggies, farm equipment, school buses, bicycles, pedestrians, snow plows, Post Office vehicles – virtually any object that travels at 25 mph or less.


Perilous Roads

Narrow two lane country roads, roads with no shoulders, winding and blind corners, rolling hills.


Limited Reaction

At a 50 mile per hour difference, you will gain 73 feet every second on a slow moving entire football field in just over four seconds.


What if these hazards could be detected? Are you interested in a device that will save lives? Slow Ride Rural Safety is an active warning device that is capable of detecting slow moving objects traveling at 25 mph or less. This device warns upcoming traffic through a flashing beacon that a slow object may be ahead.


Key Offerings

  • Is an “Active” warning.

  • Warns upcoming traffic that a slow moving object may be ahead.

  • Is Simple and Cost Effective.

  • Can be activated from both directions.

  • Is solar powered and can be placed virtually anywhere.

See It In Action!



To save lives on rural roads and create a safer environment using Slow Ride Rural Safety technology.

Press Coverage

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