About Us

The image below says it all.

As a driver, do you know what (or who) is up ahead?

We started this enterprise to help answer this question.


Many rural traffic tragedies and near misses are caused by a driver’s inability to identify and react to potential hazards. Quite often, the local terrain is the culprit, where blind curves and hills obscure the view of the road ahead.

After seeing a growing number and frequency of these incidents, we believed something had to be done. We designed a suite of active roadside warning devices that alert drivers to dangerous situations on the highway. Slow moving vehicles, stopped school buses, and roadside emergency vehicles, especially the ones hiding behind a curve or the crest of a hill, can all cause problems. Giving overtaking drivers maximum advanced warning is one of the best ways to avoid an accident.

At Slow Ride Rural Safety, we are constantly on the lookout for other potentially unsafe situations on the road. We continue to develop platforms to deal with these, as well.